Paid placements are those where we pay a search engine to get our advertisement on the right hand column of the search result page. Google tops the charts undoubtedly when it comes to paid placements. Google paid placement is an opportunity to buy visibility on its search result pages. Being the most popular and most trusted search engine, Google does a much better job than its competitors in being cost effective. Their ethical practices are to vouch for. Once a website starts getting a good listing naturally or organically, Google urges its clients to hold back the Google paid placement and seek results. Although Google paid placement shows results almost instantly, it might take 6 to 9 months for improved ranking by the natural process.

Google paid placement brings very good leads to its clients, though one must know how to fully utilize the cost one pays. The paid placement scenario has become highly competitive with more and more marketers entering the field and providing competitive services. But Google has nothing to fear as of now.

Google paid placement provides Adwords and Adsense as two options to its paid advertisers. Adwords is a program offered by Google where the advertisers bid for space on the result page of the search engine, for specific queries. These ads are listed as ‘sponsored listings’, adjacent to the natural or organic search results. The AdSense program lets its users sell space on their website to advertisers. When somebody clicks on those ads, Google pays the Adsense user.

Google paid placement gives assured results. It brings extraordinary benefits, to otherwise sober businesses by bringing them to the limelight in the web world. Apart from the need of achieving instant visibility, Google paid placement is used when there is something special/new about the message one wants to communicate. More and more websites are using this very efficient marketing tool to increase profitability by gaining high visibility and readership. 


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